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The Initial Journey


The Initial Journey narrates the adventures of Acharya the last descendant of the Moon Goddesses on earth and Nara the new hybrid generation who arrives on earth to discover what humanity had forgotten thousands of years ago, to be guided by the intuition of the heart. Through a mystical journey through different regions of planet earth, they meet different messengers along the way, which makes them reflect that the essence of their mission is the path and not the destination.

The work is a teleportation through different landscapes of a post apocalyptic world, full of sensations, lessons and life experiences. Using different resources and artistic disciplines such as theater, video and music that accompanies each stage. It is a journey of spiritual initiation to inspire a new world in the face of the dystopian future that is presented to us. A work that aims to encourage awareness by using theater, where the philosophical dialogues between the characters make us reflect on our permanence in the world and always return to the same questions: Who are we and why are we here?

A multidisciplinary staging for a VR360 version that explores other ways of visualizing and feeling the work through translucent bandages and interaction with the scenography. It is a journey full of teleportations through magical places and characters, a new dialogue with the public through the stimulation of the imagination, and interaction "navigating" freely through the space while you live the experience, through visuals, sounds, etc. It is a unique experience that invites us to explore complete universes, unknown territories for our conscience that little or nothing is encouraged in this time of confinement and collective fears.

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