The Andean Awakening
Virtual Multidisciplinary Concert


The Andean Awakening - Multidisciplinary Virtual Concert with theatrical parts that evoke the spirits of mother earth who come to give us a very important message through two condors, about an awakening of consciousness inspired by the Andean cosmovision, it connects us with our mother nature through andean music, theater and dance, surrounded in an organic and floating decoration mixed with visual projections; all joining in a great voyage that leaves us a message of hope to find new paths and inspirations, which will allow us to change course as humanity before it is even later.

This is an audiovisual experiment adapted from our original work EL DESPERTAR ANDINO - Conciertos Sentidos originally conceived as a face-to-face, interactive, sensory and blind concert before the pandemic, where the audience entered the stage blindfolded and lived the experience through their senses and their own imagination. Now audiovisual and holophonic (or binaural) to be heard with headphones and live a more immersive experience despite being virtual. You can choose to visualize the work with your eyes, or if you prefer you can listen to it blindly (with a blindfold) and let your own imagination be the one that makes you feel, live... imagine the experience as if you were there, in the middle of the play.