Virtual Blinded Concert


PURUWA stimulates an imaginary journey through the territories and melodies of the Puruwa nationality, through music, theater and dance. A multi-sensory and interactive experience that explores the life of an ancient culture that is still alive and that struggles to continue existing.

This is a recorded concert of the original PURUWA - Conciertos Sentidos, in holophonic (or binaural) format. The goal is for you to listen to it with HEADPHONES and BLINDED so you can live, feel and imagine the experience as if you were in the middle of the set.

As a result of the pandemic, we have been transmuting to new formats so that our works can continue to reach more people. We continue to explore new ways that art is not a mere act of showing and spectating, but of coexistence between artists and the public. Thus, we are adapting all our works to digital formats as an alternative version to face-to-face presentations.

Through a holophonic (binaural) recording with special microphones (some even in the shape of a human head), we adapt and simulate all the actions and parts of the original work around these microphones so that you can feel that you are present in the middle of the stage. and the artists who are performing the work.