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Biography of Author
Julian Coraggio

Having lived in several countries in America and Europe, I have been collecting experiences from many different cultures, beliefs and points of view and also of art, which has led me to enjoy and develop in audiovisual narration to express what I have learned in conjunction with the different forms and techniques that I have in each place and culture that I have lived.

For more than 20 years I worked as a freelance editor, cinematographer and producer of video clips, short films, documentaries, series of television and feature films. I have also developed in the area of lighting for plays and video projections (VJ) in musical shows of local and international artists.

In 2013 I founded the multidisciplinary collective Confundamiento with which I have been directing and producing 15 sensory and interactive artistic experiences in formats such as the Blinded Theater, Sensed Concerts and Interactive Installations with nearly 300 presentations between Ecuador, Argentina and Colombia. During the global quarantine I adapted most of my works to digital formats with binaural sound, VR360 video and 3D formats. I am always exploring the limits and possibilities of what art can generate in the public to give some other point of view of what art is and its reach to human behaviour.

In 2018 I curated and produced the first Interactive Sensorial Festival with which I proposed not only to show the different interactive sensory art options that exist to perform our art, but it is also a space for support and collective creation or co-creations between artists who have never tried before these kind of formats. I am currently producing the V Interactive Sensorial Festival with which I propose to return to sensoriality and interaction through face-to-face presentations of various multidisciplinary works together with invited artists from South America.

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